Ukraine Rebuilding Task Force (UKRFT) is

  • developed by Visionest Institute Estonia, implemented in cooperation with Ukraine’s Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, within the framework of the Diia Business Ukrainian national project
  • with financial support from the U.S. Department of State Office of the Assistance Coordinator for Europe and Eurasia under the 10th Round of the Development Cooperation Partnership (DCP) Program and the Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV)

The 26. June 2024 the regional UKRTF-Teams presented their projects and launched their project activities:

South: Civil Center
Kyiv: Ukraine Infrastructure Investment (UII)
West: Transcarpathian Center
East: Online Hub
Center: EcoBin Recycling

We are currently seeking partnerships with international insurance companies to utilize confiscated Russian assets to provide insurance coverage against war risks for infrastructure projects (including potential damages or disruptions caused by Russian military actions). Given the prolonged war, protecting infrastructure investments from such risks is crucial for ensuring the continuity and success of projects.

Our initiative aims to support private sector engagement in the reconstruction of Ukraine amidst the war. By partnering with international insurance companies, we aim to mitigate the risks associated with investing in Ukraine. By providing insurance coverage against war risks, we can encourage greater participation from lenders, grant providers, and investors in new infrastructure construction projects or the restoration of those affected by military attacks.

For Investors, Supporters, Specialists the five UKRTF-Teams offer a full scale of possibilities:

  • small to
    big investments sums
  • future activities with a big opportunity of being part of the development to
    running projects with specified demands and business opportunities
  • full scale of donnor possibilities (unknown supporter to well known sponsorship)

Here you see Kyiv Team projects:

Ukraine Infrastructure Investments (UII)
Letychiv Wind Power Plant
ARCIZ Industrial Park

Further information about Specialists, Partner, Experiences and Competences will be added.

We are looking for your Interest, Question, Proposal, Offer.

Please contact our project team:

Valeriia Bogdan-Koretska
EPAM, Spetsagrobud
IT Product Manager, Business Consultant, Co-founder of building company
LinkedIn, Tel. +38-066-840-94-99, Email:

Experience: Over 15 years in finance (banking), business consulting, risk management, business process optimization, and IT solution development

Seeking: Investors and partners for the implementation of infrastructure projects in Ukraine, who need a platform to publicize such projects to attract investors, cooperate and monitor their execution.

Valeriia Bogdan-Koretska – online better to results

Igor Korzhuk, Head at NGO Housing for IDP | MBA | Attorney | Investment Consulting
LinkedIn , Tel. +38-067-454-69-70

Volodymyr Anufriiev, Engineering | Technical analysis
LinkedIn, Tel. +38-063-352-81-31

Konstantin Mishustin, Commercial Real Estate Broker | M&A Advisor
LinkedIn, Tel. +38-050-330-18-02