Industrial Park & multimodal logistics Hub


  • construction and operation of the complex of objects by the concessionaire under the agreement
  • Industrial park – multimodal logistics based on 460 hectares on the site of a former military airfield infrastructure municipally owned by the Arciz Regional Council
  • near central railway station and locomotive depot, 2.8 km-long runway with the possibility of extension
  • Arciz district, Odesa region, < 140 km, 7 river and sea ports, near the border to Moldova and EU, transportation routes between Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova & Turkey
  • Investment: Infrastructure: 224 million USD + Industrial park with logistic centre: 4.2 billion USD

Industrial park:

A – warehouse terminal

B – automated cargo processing warehouse

C – refrigerated warehouse

D – aircraft maintenance hangar

E – ion-lithium battery manufacturing plant

F – LED lighting equipment manufacturing plant

H – electric bus and electric car assembly plant

G – agricultural machinery assembly plant

K – heat pump manufacturing plant

Volodymyr Anufriiev

Contact: Tel. +38 063 3528 131, Email:, LinkedIn

Activ as: Member UII, Leader Arciz, Engineer HVAC UII, Samsung

Experience: 17 years industrial air conditioning market with project assessment and implementation planning, strengths in engineering of solving strategic-level challenges.

Seeking: International partnerships to scale projects and integrate cutting-edge technologies. Who wants to forge a lasting communication conduit with Ukrainian businesses for sustained cooperation?

Volodymyr Anufriiev – if you need holistic system analysis or a diagnostic problem solution

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