Our online platform ‘Ukraine Infrastructure Investments’ creates a unique environment where project initiators can propose, and investors can freely choose potential infrastructure projects in the following areas of rebuilding and reconstruction of Ukraine:

  • Transport infrastructure
  • Social infrastructure (medical, housing)
  • Tourist infrastructure
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • ESG infrastructure
  • Water supply and wastewater
  • Waste processing
  • Logistics infrastructure
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Defense infrastructure.

What we offer to investors:

  • finding the actual projects in rebuilding and reconstruction area
  • offering support and services for project implementation (legal, construction, investment evaluation etc.) via a wide list of local partners
  • full project implementation cycle, from idea to commissioning and project management, through project financing mechanisms (SPV companies, public-private partnerships, investments instruments)
  • monitoring and reporting on financing and project execution results
  • insurance of investments and investment projects against war and political risks

What you will get:

  • Portfolio of evaluated investment-attractive projects on the platform
  • Connecting project initiator with investor
  • Preparing/teaching Ukrainian businesses to attract money from investors
  • Investing in projects via project financing mechanisms (SPV companies and PPP) and investment instruments
  • The full cycle of project implementation
  • Combine different services
  • Integral search of fincancing with ppp experience
  • Implementation support
  • 3 months buffer

If you want to see the difference:

UkraineInvest, RecoveryGov, RebuildingUkraine, RiseUkraine

Actual project status:

The investment into UII development is our main purpose. Our structured team talks with project initiators and potential investors. TM mark & domain name are reserved. Publications and workshops are prepared. We are ready to leave our current permanent jobs.

Please contact our project team:

Valeriia Bogdan-Koretska
EPAM, Spetsagrobud
IT Product Manager, Business Consultant, Co-founder of building company
LinkedIn, Tel. +38-066-840-94-99, Email: Valeria.Bohdan@gmail.com

Experience: Over 15 years in finance (banking), business consulting, risk management, business process optimization, and IT solution development

Seeking: Investors and partners for the implementation of infrastructure projects in Ukraine, who need a platform to publicize such projects to attract investors, cooperate and monitor their execution.

Valeriia Bogdan-Koretska – online better to results

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