UKRTF-Kyiv Letychiv Wind Power Plant

Wanted: Finance & Donor Partners

Wind Power Plant for climate-neutral power generation.

Name, PlaceLetychiv Wind Power Plant, near Kudyinka, Khmelnytskyi district, Western Ukraine, strategically chosen for wind patterns and elevation.
Business strategyUtilization of previously used wind turbines from Europe.
DescriptionCapacity: 4 MW, wind energy source Equipment: Vestas V80 turbine with a capacity of 2.0 MW (2004). Annual generation: Approximately 8 million kWh, with a 20% seasonal variance allowing for precise generation planning. Potential: Ukraine’s wind energy capacity is an estimated 5000 MW.
Project readiness level / permits80% (as of March 10, 2024) Land surveying, contracting, design, preparatory, construction works, equipment procurement, permitting documents, and commissioning are carried out simultaneously.
Project documentationQualified investors will be granted access to the Business Plan, documentation, and project timelines. The project owners from Ukraine are available for consultations and negotiations.
TimelineStarted in the 3rd quarter of 2023 – commissioning in the 2nd quarter of 2024.
MarketDirect supply to end consumers and traders at market prices without the reliance on ‚green tariffs.
Total project cost€ 2.474.852
Estimated payback period4,2 years

Funding opportunities: the goal of external funding is to ensure continuity of operations and prepare for the next development phase.

  • Credit financing: seeking 40-70% of project cost (€1.0 – €1.7 million) at an industry-reasonable 5-9% annual interest rate, targeting funds, individuals, or banking institutions.
  • Grants: open to grants as part of Ukraine’s resilience and reconstruction efforts, particularly the connection to the power grid approximating costs €567,500.
  • Equity participation: not considered for this project.

We respectfully consider each of the proposals for project financing.

Project status:

Additional projects for technical and social innovation with a separat financing:

  • Innovative technical options, i.e. power autark area by innovative energy storage incl. green hydrogen (see Cool Energy, futher information Igor Varavva).
  • New social structures, i.e. customers finance their energy production and benefits by steady prices and global independence for the customers of the energy production.


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